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Outdoor Plus Challenge

Outdoor Plus Challenge

Outdoor Plus Challenge Cub Badge post 2002

Challenge awards are worn on the front of the shirt on the left hand side

The Outdoor Plus Challenge is an optional badge particularly aimed at the older Cub Scout who has already completed the Outdoor Challenge.

Cub Scouts should complete all of the following:

1.       Hold the Outdoor Challenge.

2.       Take an active part in helping to plan or run a nights away experience. For example, help a less experienced Cub Scout during the event or plan and lead a Scouts' Own or game.

3.       Know how to prepare for a one-day expedition to the countryside (for example, correct clothing, footwear, first aid kit and food and drink).

4.       Spend two nights away on a residential experience with other Cub Scouts (these nights should be in addition to nights away used for the Outdoor Challenge, but do not have to be consecutive).

5.       Plan and then travel along a route of at least one kilometre, on foot or using any method of self-propelled transport, and navigate using any of the following: compass, map, landmarks, tracking signs, taped instructions or plan. 

Or plan and then use a route using at least two types of public transport. The route should not be one that is familiar to the Cub Scout.